This is you

1.1 - You get injured playing softball

1.2 - 7pm

2.1 - You rush to the Emergency Room and wait for your turn

2.2 - 10pm


You in control with

1.1 - You get injured playing softball

1.2 - 7pm

2.1 - You check your app and find the closest Emergency Room to be seen instantly

2.2 - 7:30pm


Information-Based Site and App to Post and View Waiting Times

Reducing wait and idle time can help everyone improve their daily productivity. It is an advantage to get to know the delays in every institution ahead of time.

Good thing,, Inc. has come up with a website and mobile application that allow its users to post and view waiting times. Whether it is a queue at the movie theater or a restaurant wait time, is the right platform for people who want to up their daily productivity.

Our Focus

The primary focus of is to provide information about the waiting times in medical institutions. We want to help people in monitoring the duration of transactions in hospitals, physician offices, dental offices, urgent care centers, pharmacies, and medical laboratories. Additionally, patients seeking a speedy appointment may not wish to wait for 4 months for their favorite Dermatologist. will allow for postings for the Next Appointment as a part of provider advertising. When fully functional, this will include a link to the provider website and phone number/contact information.

Other Institutions You Can Monitor

You can also monitor wait times at common consumer service providers nationwide. These include quick change oil services, fast food restaurants, and popular dining establishments. Our users can post wait times based on the number of cars or people in front of them.

Wait Time Data Provider

To expand our service, we help major medical institutions and other consumer brands improve the quality of their service through our wait time data aggregation.

By subscribing to our data, they will be able to improve their business performance. Medical insurance firms may evaluate providers not only based on care costs but the duration of patients’ waiting time. Apart from providing real-time data, we will also feature a feedback forum on these medical care providers.

Meanwhile, networks and service firms can use our waiting data for various purposes. They can assess staffing needs, advertise rapid service, and post their own availability on our platform to improve sales and engagement.

Download the App Now is a social networking site allowing busy people to plan their day, seek to maximize travel time, and reduce waiting times at common services. Download the app today to see the difference it can make in your daily life.