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Post and View Waiting Times in This New Informative App

Time is one of life’s most important resources. In this fast-paced world we live in, downtime can mean wasted productivity. Getting stuck in long queues are not only frustrating—they can also harm your efficiency throughout the day. Certainly, knowing ahead about how long the in office waits are can be a great advantage. Need to know the time to get an appointment at an orthopedic surgeon?

Waittimes.me, Inc. offers a new information-driven website and application to the all consumers to facilitate time management and choices. Called waittimes.me, this amazing platform informs you about the waiting times in several institutions. Whether you want to know about hospital, urgent care clinic or restaurant queues, this application can easily help you. And yes, you can choose that orthopedic surgeon based on the next available time posted on the app by participating providers.

How It Works

A 24-hour platform, waittimes.me can be accessed globally for free by the general public. Just like Waze, its system is real time and is constantly refreshed. The application is easy to use, allowing a spectrum of users to effortlessly access posted wait times with minimal clicks.

What’s more, they can also post waiting times for others to see. Waittimes.me seeks to have the app embedded with cell phone location data, so it will identify where the user is, prior to making a report.

Providers: the local hospital, physician, lab service and even Jiffy Lube can post their wait and appointment times to competitively bid for your time.

Why Use waittimes.me

Whether you are a busy executive with a hectic schedule, an active parent managing multiple schedules or anyone with frequent hospital visits on your calendar, this app is great for you. Wonder what the wait to clear the TSA line is at your airport? Waittimes.me is your go to resource.

How We Gain Revenue

Our platform generates revenue from two sources. One is through the sale of our wait time data. The other is through postings of data on delays or availability to the waittimes.me database.

Wait Time Data Posting and Update

We know that long wait time in services can negatively affect the image of a business. To help these institutions, we will aggregate data on delays and make it available for purchase by subscription. Our data will allow the businesses to optimize staffing at peak times and gain customer satisfaction trends.

Reports will be made monthly or weekly, including all locations affiliated with the subscriber. The data will be firstly available in a web format. Then, it will be available in the form of a web application.

For health insurance plans provider, the plan would be keyed into our database on signup with confidentiality controls in place. The wait time data will be presented by time of day and day of the week, along with graphical support.

Meanwhile, for Jiffy Lube franchise, all locations included at the corporate or master franchisee level would receive similar data.

Advertisement Postings

Postings may be done by any type of service by an authorized user. Postings by providers are based on subscription fee schedule. Assorted packages to service particular clients are available. A Jiffy Lube may post a delay of 10 cars in line, while the Quest Diagnostics™ may post a 45-minute delay for walk-ins. The Dentist may post both the next appointment time and the office wait.

Get Started

waittimes.me is here to serve as your daily guide. Download the app today to post and view waiting times wherever you are.